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Workshops & Presentations

Workshops & Presentations

To help you master the exact process of preparation and application of Artisan Stucco mortars, we regularly organise workshops instructed by Raquel Rodríguez Puebla. Workshops are organised in close cooperation with a local dealer or venue. Location, content and registration conditions may vary per workshop.

Raquel is co-founder of Artisan Stucco Mortars and a lime specialist with more than a decade of experience in the application of traditional lime mortars in historical restoration projects, modern architecture and interior design.

We also organise presentations at our deales to give more information about our products, their possible applications and answer any questions from interested visitors. Presentations usually last two hours, are free of charge, require no registration, are a good way to meet the people behind Artisan Stucco Mortars and find out more about what you could do with lime.

All workshops and presentations are given in the English language.

23-10-2020 | Workshop: Natural lime putty

Making traditional fresco en waterproof plasters with lime mortars

Discover the technique of applying our traditional lime plasters.

During this day you will learn how to prepare and apply a multilayered traditional lime plaster and you will discover the techniques involveld in creating three different finishes. A floated plaster, a smooth fresco plaster and a waterproof finish. Your instructor is a seasoned professional and restorer of historical lime plasters.

Instructor: Raquel Rodríguez Puebla

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, including lunch.


Groene Bouwmaterialen, Laagstraat 10, 5156 NH Oudheusden.
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Please register before woensdag, september 30, 2020.

For more information, registration and pricing, please visit the website or send an e-mail to:

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