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Restoration Projects

Restoration Projects

Artisan Stucco Mortars has its origin in  the design of lime mortars specifically for restoration projects of historical buildings in Spain, where there was an increasing need to restore original lime plasters to its former glory.

By using modern production methods, the best materials available and researching historical ingredients and methods of application we designed our mortars to be identical to the originals we encountered in the plasters of the palaces and cathedrals of Andalusia.

Before the invention of cement, around 1850, generally all plasters and masonry works made use of lime putty as the binding ingredient of the mortar. The quality of restoration of any building predating this time will be greatly enhanced by using mortars made of the same ingredients and applying them in the same way as the original artisans did.

Using these original materials and methods will help avoid capillarity problems and enhance the breathing out of moist and salts from walls and help regulate ambient moist levels in damp spaces.

Masonry and repointing

Using Artisan Stucco mortars in restoration of historical masonry will prevent any negative effects regular cement based mortars can have on the original stones and joints. Adherence to the original materials will be optimal and the original stones will stay in good condition. See masonry and pointing for more information.

Stone repairs

Besides being very suitable for restoration of lime plasters and repointing of historical masonry, Artisan Stucco mortars can be used to repair marble, limestone and sandstone sculptures and ornaments.

The mortar will have very good adherence to the original stone and using UV resistant mineral pigments and choosing the right sands the original colour and texture can be equalled or near-equalled as required. The mortar will increase in harness over time while retaining its regular qualities.

Best suited for

  • Restoration of historical plasters on facades, ceilings and walls
  • Restoration of fresco's
  • Restoration of historical masonry and repointing
  • Restoration of historical tiling
  • Stone and marble restoration



Artisan Stucco Mortars on FacebookArtisan Stucco Mortars on TwitterArtisan Stucco Mortars on LinkedIn

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