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Lime Wash

Lime Wash

Artisan Stucco Lime Wash is a pure mineral lime paint made with our finest hydrated, aged lime putty for a durable, breathable and bright result. Lime Wash gives a natural matt finish.

Artisan Stucco Lime Wash is suitable for application on any mineral surface like brick, lime and cement based plasters, clay plaster and natural stone, both inside and outside. Lime Wash can also be used to strengthen weathered mineral plasters.

Artisan Stucco Lime Wash is available in bright white and eleven brilliant colours.

Lime Wash

Lime Wash

Lime Wash - Lime paint, produced with our best 6 month matured Lime Putty. Lime Wash is available in bright white and 11 brilliant colours.

16 liter, 5 liter and 1 liter bucket

Approx 0.3L/m2 per layer, depending on surface.

User Manual

Product Number: AS-PBW01-S10, AS-PBW05-S10, AS-PBW16-S10


Lime Wash | Ebro White | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Ebro White
Lime Wash | Baroque White | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Baroque White
Lime Wash | Sienna | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Lime Wash | Alhambra | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Lime Wash | Coral Red | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Coral Red
Lime Wash | Pearl Gray | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Pearl Gray
Lime Wash | Oxide Yellow | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Oxide Yellow
Lime Wash | Oxide Purple | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Oxide Purple
Lime Wash | Persian Red | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Persian Red
Lime Wash | Chrome Green | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Chrome Green
Lime Wash | Iron Black | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Iron Black
Lime Wash | Cobalt Blue | Artisan Stucco Mortars
Cobalt Blue

Would you like a different colour? We can produce coloured mortars and paints to your personale taste. Contact your dealer for more information.

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