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Rediscovering tradition

Rediscovering tradition

Artisan Stucco Mortars aims to rekindle the love for ancient and traditional lime plasters and lime mortars by supplying you with the best materials history has to offer.

Using modern, precise production methods, researching both traditional and modern mixing and application techniques and using our creativity and expertise we hope to help you in rediscovering the beauty of these ancient but versatile materials. The results will last you more than a lifetime.


Original Lime putty

Artisan Stucco Original Lime Putty (CL90) is hydrated and aged for a minimum of 6 months. This pure lime forms the perfect base for all hydrated lime mortars. Available in bright white and 11 brilliant colours. Learn more »

Fine Finish & WaterProof

Ready to use finishing pastes for your hydrated lime stucco Learn more »


Artisan Stucco Kalei is a mineral lime coating made with our finest hydrated, aged lime putty for a durable, breathable and bright matt result. Kalei is applied with a brush in two or more layers. Learn more »

Lime Wash

Artisan Stucco Lime Wash is a pure mineral lime paint made with our finest hydrated, aged lime putty for a durable, breathable and bright result. Learn more »

Marble sands & Marble powder

For the results we offer the whitest marble sands and powder from Spain, favoured since roman times. Learn more »

Natural Pigments

Artisan Stucco Mortars brightly coloured natural pigments can be used with any medium and will not fade. Learn more »

Other products

Other products and supplies for the preparation and application of lime mortars. Learn more »

Artisan Stucco Mortars on FacebookArtisan Stucco Mortars on TwitterArtisan Stucco Mortars on LinkedIn

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