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Masonry and pointing

Masonry and pointing

Lime mortars have been used for masonry and pointing since Roman times up to the middle of the 19th century, when they lost their popularity with the introduction of cement.

In recent years lime mortars for use in masonry and pointing have gained new interest because of their durability, elasticity and ecological properties. Using hydrated lime mortars in many cases is preferable to regular cement based mortars and is increasingly advised by restoration specialists or required by project standards.

As lime mortars are less rigid then regular cement based mortars the bricks or stones are protected from damage caused by freezing water and movement. The mortar’s flexibility will help to prevent cracks in the construction caused by vibrations as originate from busy roads or even small earthquakes. Because of their permeability to water small portions of the lime will dissolve and deposit in hairline cracks, self-repairing them. The use of lime mortars will have a positive effect on moist and salt retention in the wall.

The high quality of Artisan Stucco Original Lime Putty will ensure your masonry and pointing will stand the test of time. Artisan Stucco masonry mortars can be coloured with mineral pigments to your taste.

Best suited for

  • Any masonry of bricks and natural stone
  • Construction of vaults
  • Places with high humidity like basements
  • Restoration of masonry and repointing in historical buildings



Artisan Stucco Mortars on FacebookArtisan Stucco Mortars on TwitterArtisan Stucco Mortars on LinkedIn

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