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Applications of lime mortars

Applications of lime mortars

Artisan Stucco Original Lime Putty, combined with different sands and minerals, can be used for a wide variety of high quality hydrated lime mortars suitable for various applications.

Although most noted for its beauty as a finishing plaster, lime mortars are also very well suited as substrate mortars or for use in restoration projects, masonry, (re-)pointing and can be used indoors or outside.

General advantages:

  • Available in wide variety of mineral colours and shades
  • Elegant, natural and suitable for ecological building projects
  • Elastic, water resistant and extremely durable
  • Natural capillarity aids the expulsion of moist and salts in walls
  • High alkalinity acts as a natural fungicide
  • Contain nor require any additives

Lime Stucco Sponged Finish

Rough or fine grain sponged lime stucco finish for exteriors and interiors, extremely suited for facades and large indoor surfaces. Learn more »

Lime Stucco Fresco Finish

Lime Stucco Fresco Finish also known as Venetian Stucco, using only the highest quality natural ingredients and original application techniques. Learn more »

Lime Stucco Waterproof Finish

Artisan Stucco lime mortars can be used for waterproof vertical surfaces in bathrooms, showers and toilets. Learn more »

Masonry and pointing

Masonry and pointing with Artisan Stucco lime mortars. Construction in the traditional way holds many advantages. Learn more »

Restoration Projects

Artisan Stucco Lime Mortars for restoration of lime plasters, fresco's and the repair of masonry, sandstone, marble and limestone sculptures and ornaments. Learn more »

Artisan Stucco Mortars on FacebookArtisan Stucco Mortars on TwitterArtisan Stucco Mortars on LinkedIn

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